Repairs & Services

Service on mechanical watches (wrist, pocket and pendant watches) includes taking the watch apart completely, cleaning every part individually by hand, in ultrasonic cleaning machine, or both, oiling & greasing it, testing it on a timing machine and testing it manually and adjusting and regulating it to achieve the best time accuracy possible, lightly cleaning the case, band (if metal) and crystal (if plastic) and light cleaning of the dial and hands. Optional: Cases and bands are lightly polished and cleaned as not to remove any of the original plating. The hands and dial are cleaned as much as possible without removing any of the original finish. Plastic crystals are polished as much as possible and in most cases all scratches are removed. 


We service and repair all watches including: Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Cartier,Tag Heuer, Breitling and many many more!

Mechanical Watch Maintenance and Repair
Should your mechanical watch stop running or if it runs fast or slow it probably will require complete movement service to bring it back into its proper performance. 

Complete Movement Service -- mechanical watch
Complete movement service is a complex process which starts with the watchmaker inspecting your timepiece to determine which repairs are needed. Next your timepiece is completely disassembled, piece by piece, and parts are placed in a cleaning machine. At the same time, the case and bracelet are cleaned ultrasonically (polishing optional ) and reassembled. After the watch parts are thoroughly cleaned, the watchmaker painstakingly reassembles your watch, and lubricates with special oils. Broken parts are repaired or replaced. Final adjustments and fine tuning assure accurate timekeeping.

Then your timepiece is tested on our state-of-the-art timing equipment and final adjustments are made. If your watch is water resistant we will test the water resistance to factory specifications and replace, if necessary any component such as the crown, crystal, buttons, or gaskets in order for the water resistance of your watch to come back to factory specifications.

From there your watch goes into Quality Control -- "QC". We will wind and run your watch for several days to be certain that it keeps accurate time in all different positions, and that the day and date, if on your watch, change properly. If your watch is an automatic wind, that we place your watch on a winding wheel which simulates the motion on your wrist to see if your watch winds appropriately and runs accurately. Our complete movement service carries a full year's warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Sorry but we cannot insure your watch against dropping, damage, or rust, or if the watch is opened by anyone other than our shop.

Watch Maintenance
Many manufacturers recommend routine servicing of your mechanical watch, even if it is running properly. This preventative maintenance, as described in the complete movement service section above, removes dirt and grime that may have accumulated in your watch, and which cause the finely fit pivot points to wear. Your cleaned, oiled, reassembled, time tested and pressure tested timepiece will perform longer and better with routine maintenance.
If you value your watch or timepiece, you will want to keep it maintained, just as you would your car or any other valuable piece of machinery. From the most modern of watches to vintage pieces, all watches succumb to both time and the elements. Dust, moisture, impact and simple normal mechanical movement will wear down your watch parts.  Regular maintenance will help keep your watch operating as it should. We recommend routine cleaning on your mechanical watch every three years to five years.


These are just a small list of timepiece types that we can handle. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.