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Wolf Designs 461126 Bordeaux Single Cub Watch Winder With Cover

$ 195

A meticulously engineered watch winder with a sharp design, the cub includes a coral saffiano finish, glass cover, coral grosgrain face plate, chrome finished hardware and a single winding module.   


Brand: Wolf Design

Model: 461126

Color: Bordeaux


10 Second start delay, 900 TPD (Turns Per Day), Patented rotation-intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed 


Directional Settings: 



Watch Cuff: 

The cuff has been designed to fit bigger and heavier watches (up to 52mm case). The new design "locks" the cuff into the rotator drum for a secure fit.


Battery Option: 

Option to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or AA Batteries (not included)


Storage: 1 winding module


Retail: $239.00

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