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Arnold & Son A Brief Insight Into History.

Arnold & Son A Brief Insight Into History.

In recorded history Arnold & Son maritime clocks accompanied the most famous of British explorers on their expeditions. Famous explorers like Sir John Franklin, Captain Phipps, Sir Ernest Shackleton and even the most legendary of explorers Captain Cook. They chose this company because of the excellent chronometers that the brand created in response to the Longitude Act.

What This Company has accomplished in its history is not an easy feat. They are true watchmakers down to the core of the company. They are innovators of the past and keep innovating into the future. In 2004 Arnold & Son for the first time in history made a watch with a Perpetual Calendar wristwatch displays a time corrected by the time equation

such an amazing timepiece we have here. I wish more people could understand the historic value of this company. Likewise the awesome timekeeping ability of this watch.

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